Namaste – The New Global Trend

Namaste By Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Namaste By Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Namaste, the Indian style of greeting has become the new global trend after leaders around the world have started using it due to Coronavirus fear. Greeting by Namaste is going viral. Let us know more about it through this article.

Meaning of Namaste

Namaste is derived from the Sanskrit language, It is formed by joining two words, namas and te. ‘Namas’ means ‘bow’, adorations, obeisance and ‘te’ means ‘to you’. Therefore, the literal meaning of Namaste is ‘bowing to you’.It is a very humble way of greeting.

Spiritual Meaning

According to Hindu customs, Hindus believe that ‘the divine and soul is the same in everybody’. So when you say Namaste to someone, it implies ‘I bow to the divine in you’.

This gesture is also associated with the Brow Chakra meaning the mind center or the third eye. Therefore, when you meet someone in person, you do not just meet a physical being, but you meet their mind too. And then when you say Namaste by bowing your head and joining your hands, the gesture implies ‘may our minds meet’. This is a great way of paying your love, respect, and friendship to someone.


The true origin remains a mystery, but it has been practiced in India for centuries. It is mentioned in various ancient texts, It is mentioned in Rigveda (the oldest written text in the world). The gesture of Namaste is shown in many ancient sculptures and artifacts.

Why Namaste?

Logical Guru Background

Namaste is practiced in India on a regular basis. it is practiced roughly by all Indians living in India and abroad, So it is practiced by more than a billion people that means that Greeting by Namaste is already a part of a routine of more than 14.28% of the world’s population and it is gaining popularity due to Coronavirus Outbreak.

Coronavirus is forcing people around the world to use Namaste for greeting rather than Handshakes, kisses or any other way of greeting. By using Namaste for greeting one can show his respect to someone without coming in physical contact with him or her. In this way, you can avoid catching Coronavirus from someone who may be infected with Coronavirus.

Most health experts are recommending using Namaste to greet instead of a handshake. As through Namaste, you won’t transmit the virus or any other hazard.

Own Experience

Being an Indian, the First thing which I was taught by my parents was to greet someone with folded hands and a bow. When I was very young I learned how to greet with a Namaste. I belong from a Vaishnav (worshipers of Lord Krishna) family so I greeted with a regional variation of Namaste “Jai Shri Krishna” meaning ‘hail Lord Krishna’.

By using Namaste to greet people, I felt more connected to my culture and its roots. I believe that Namaste tradition is not just the culture of Hindus but it’s a value of showing your respect to the other person by bowing down and folding your hands (Namaste gesture) and this value is present in all Indians no matter from which religion or community you belong.

For me, Namaste is a reminder that how great or whatever milestones you achieve you should always respect others and stay humble. You should never become an Egotist.

My father always teaches me that the tree with more fruits always bows down and shows modesty and the tree with no fruits never bows and shows arrogance and one should be like a Tree with Fruits and be modest. This is a famous Sanskrit saying.

Facts about Namaste

  • Namaste is a Sanskrit, Hindi and Nepalese word.
  • India is a hugely diverse country so Namaste has many variations in different languages, in different communities but it has the same gesture and meaning everywhere.
  • Namaste is one of the oldest forms of greeting.
  • Namaste is a part of the routine of more than a billion people.

Disclaimer – The views expressed in the above article are the views of the author and they are not meant to hurt any religious or other sentiments.

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vanshika agrawal
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